A QR Code Logistics Privacy System Based on Segmented Encryption and Timing Control

Role: Project Leader.

Research Background: At present, the logistics industry uses traditional express delivery orders, and users' personal privacy information is exposed. In the process of express delivery, many people will come into direct contact with these sensitive information, which poses a great threat to the privacy of users. At the same time, many users directly discard the outer packaging after unpacking, which also has the risk of privacy leakage.

Research Method: In response to these problems, this project proposes a QR code logistics privacy protection system based on segmented encryption and timing control. The system adopts information encryption and concealment technology to encrypt all information of users in segments and then embed them in QR codes of courier face slips. The system automatically generates viewing keys of corresponding authority and distributes them to logistics consolidation center managers of different levels to complete access control for different roles.

Research Results: We implemented an Android APP, which can automatically encrypt the information of user’s order in segments and integrate it into QR codes, while decrypting part of the information by issuing the corresponding keys at different courier sites, this scheme can minimize the risk of user’s privacy leakage.

Wenbo Guo
Wenbo Guo

My research interests include Open Source Software Security and Software Supply Chain Security.